Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Specialized Medical Organizers for Health Condiions & Treatment Stages

Medical Organizers For Disease Management & Treatment Stages

Amber Bowden, Owner of MedTrakker™, a home based business for publishing and distributing, has once again taken my creative, innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, and created more than the 'Cancer Medical Organizer'. I have created several more organizers specific to many different areas of health concerns that seem to plague our population, as well as one that is universal and can be used by anyone.

After a person hears the news that they have a terminal health condition, their life is turned into a whirlwind of lab tests, procedures, possible surgeries, doctor appointments, medical claims and pharmacy runs. Thus, the first version of the MedTrakker©Cancer Organizer came into existence.

Since then, I developed an expertise on what is currently required in the area of medical records. My experiences from caring for family members with Cancer, Diabetes and Heart related illnesses have contributed to my proficiency. I have consulted with Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Business Professionals and Patients, all of whom made suggestions for the individual organizers.

MedTrakker offers three Specialized Medical Organizers for Specific Health Conditions… Additionally we also offer A Universal Medical Organizer for consumers that are not dealing with a special health condition but would find this Trakker adaptable for managing their Medical history.

●Cancer Trakker ●Diabetes Trakker ●Cardiac Trakker ●Universal Trakker

What are the benefits of having a MedTrakker...

  • Offers the convenience of having relevant medical details centralized in one location.
  • Manage information relating to conditions, allergies, emergency information, provider visits, procedures, medications, and more.
  • Having up-to-date information in your medical organizer provides current and accurate information to health providers and their care givers.
  • Potential drug interactions can be considered if current medications are known, and previous adverse reactions need not be repeated if they are made known to your doctor.
  • Make emergency information available to medical providers by carrying it with you.
  • If you are traveling and have to go to a hospital in an emergency, a physician can more quickly assess a patient when provided with relevant medical details.

Consumers can customize their MedTrakker Medical Organizer by choosing from a variety of picture categories for the front of their MedTrakker.

Specific Health Condition Trakkers are available in Hard-Copy Notebooks for $25.95

Also available in e-Book PDF for $7.99
Allows the Purchaser to create their own record keeping system and tailor it to fit there individual needs.

The Universal Trakker is only available in Hard-Copy Notebook for $15.95

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More than just a medical record keeping system. Begin today to take an active role in your healthcare!

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  1. This is spectacular. No where else have I seen anyone offering anything that is so jam packed full of information. This is taking being actively involved in your own health care to a whole new level. And with it being portable, it really will make your life, & others involved in your healthcare, so much simpler & easier.