Monday, May 24, 2010

Specific Medical Organizer Is More Than A Medical Record Keeping System.

Specific Medical Organizer Is More Than A Medical Record Keeping System.

By giving patients control over their health care, offers more selectivity in sharing of personal health information. Correcting inaccuracies and encouraging better medical record keeping and improving patient-physician communication, better quality care and increasing trust.

Tracking and monitoring one’s own Personal health records offer a number of potential benefits to patients, their physicians and everyone involved in the patient’s medical care.

To avert unnecessary tests, procedures, and avoidable complications, patients should keep their own medical records through the use of a personal medical organizer. Patients need to be informed about their own health; more importantly, if any mistake is made, the patient is the one that suffers! So it behooves the patient to reduce the chances of that happening by ensuring everyone involved in their healthcare has full and complete information.

Benefits of using a Specialized Medical Organizer include...

  • Medical Organizers that are tailored specifically to a chronic health condition empowers patients to verify the information in their medical record and monitor health data about themselves.
  • Medical Organizers improve communication between patients and health care providers, allows documentation of interactions with patients and convey timely explanations of test results.
  • Medical Organizers track a patient’s current medications, and potential drug interactions can be considered if current medications are known. Adverse reactions need not be repeated if they are made known to your doctor.
  • Medical Organizers give patients and health care providers current access to updated care plans.
  • Medical Organizers allow continuous, comprehensive care with better coordination between patients, physicians and other providers.
  • Medical Organizers provide more efficient and quality delivery of care. Decreases duplicate testing and unnecessary services.

With our ever evolving health care system patients are encouraged to be more pro-active in monitoring their medical care. Medical records that are accurate and up-to-date must be a shared responsibility.

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  1. These organizers are the best I've ever seen offered anywhere. I have looked high & low for something I could give as a gift to a very dear friend of mine that has diabetes. For over 5 years I've heard her comment on how hard it is to keep up with all the papers & documents, & she just wished she had a better system to document everything. When I gave her the Diabetic Organizer she was so pleased, she actually became overwhelmed & teared up.

    She has since told me over & over again how much simpler this has made her life & she couldn't be more thrilled. She said, "Trina, this organizer has every chart & document that I could possibly ask for, & my doctors & nurses love the simplicity of being able to fill in my charts so that me & my family can have everything right at our fingertips, including the appointment calendar."

    She's told me no more trying to keep track of all her receipts either for prescriptions & insurance forms. She told me it's been an absolute Godsend, & that for this one gift alone she would never be able to repay me. Now she's got me crying.