Sunday, May 30, 2010

Travel Safe This Summer Chronic Condition Patients Don’t Have To Be Confined

Just because a person has been diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as Cancer, Diabetes or a Cardiac related illness doesn’t mean they have to stay confined to their home. Patients need to see variation in their environment and be able to relax.

Before traveling, always ask your physician if it is safe for you to travel. Patients should always plan there trips where they will not miss any scheduled treatments.

Patients should always bring enough supply of medications for the entire travel duration. Patients should also keep in mind that certain drug’s pharmacological name is always the same but brand name may change depending on the country they are visiting. With this in mind, it is always important to keep the medication in their original bottle or packaging to make it easier to find a similar drug in case of needing to buy more.

If a patient has an alert bracelet or a necklace with an inscription of their medical condition, it is always wise to wear it every time on there trip. This bracelet is usually given to patients with diabetes and allergies as well.

When planning travel destinations, patients should call their insurance agent to check if their policy covers medical costs in other states or overseas. You may need to pay a minor extra premium. Find out what documentation will be needed should the patient or a family member need to seek medical attention while traveling.

Carrying your medical records with you on your trip in a Medical Organizer will help in the case an emergency. Having a Medical Organizer filled in with up-to-date medical information will aid physicians on how to proceed with your case, as it serves as a vital source of information regarding your current health condition and any related treatment process the patient is currently under.

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