Thursday, February 17, 2011

MedTrakker medical record keeping system eliminates stress by enabling the patient or the caregiver to be proactive in the own healthcare treatment..

I believe that medical organizers are not a one size fits all and they should never be construed as such. My own personal role, as a caregiver for my mother and husband helped me in creating these unique products. My main goal in creating the MedTrakker was to eliminate the stress of keeping up with vital paperwork and allow the patient or caregiver time to focus on their family, as well as their treatment.

The patient or caregiver can personalize the MedTrakker by visiting the website and selecting the customized option you want. The medical organizers are perfect for traveling, since the patient can carry all their information with them and use it if needed. In addition, the medical organizers can help solve the aggravation of having to remember the patient’s medical history, when visiting different medical establishments.

"When a person hears the news that they have a terminal health condition, their life is turned into a whirlwind of lab tests, procedures, possible surgeries, doctor appointments, medical claims, and pharmacy runs".

The MedTrakker medical organizers are empowering individuals to manage their own healthcare needs, by keeping track of their personal health record. This will allow the patient to avoid the stress of memorizing every detail of their medical history. Furthermore, the MedTrakker organizers can help patient’s dealing with a specific illness or chronic health condition. The patient or caregiver can navigate the different stages of their treatment, which will allow the patient to concentrate on the healing process for themselves.

The MedTrakker is available exclusively online in Hard-Copy Notebook or can be downloaded as an e-Book.

MedTrakker online Brochure can be downloaded here.

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