Friday, May 13, 2011

MEDTRAKKER- A Personal Medical Record Keeping System Helps Patients Stay On Track When Traveling

All patients can use the Universal MedTrakker Medical Organizer, whenever they want to go traveling. This unique medical record keeping system will allow the patient to carry his or her medical records with them. Additionally, this personal medical records keeping system allows the patient to document his or her medical history and allergies. The MedTrakker also allows the patient to list his or her daily medications, as well as other vital healthcare information that may be useful when traveling.

The Universal MedTrakker is perfect for someone who is interested staying proactive or document his or her own personal healthcare information. Furthermore, this valuable personal medical organizer can help alleviate stress in an medical emergency. The medical organizer is perfect for families with children, because parent's can document any vital or health related information about the child in his or her own personal MedTrakker.

I first created the MedTrakker after becoming my mother's caretaker after she was diagnosed with Leukemia. "I became my mother's caretaker and I felt overwhelmed, stressed with all the things that I had to remember. I finally decided to begin building the first MedTrakker, in order to help me stay organized and remember all of her upcoming appointments." After creating the first one, I felt other families could benefit from my idea and inspired me to create several other MedTrakkers that focused on certain conditions.

The Medtrakker website offers more information about the many types of MedTrakkers that are available to purchase like Cancer, Cardiac Health, and Diabetes. Additionally, she offers different types of personalizing options for the patient to choose from when ordering their own copy. This valuable Medical Records Organizer is available in printed and e-book form. The portable printed version is convenient, safe, and secure for traveling.

The medical organizers are available exclusively online at:

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