Saturday, May 28, 2011

MedTrakker-Personal Medical Record Keeping Enables Individuals To Keep Their Medical Record At Home

Did you know that every person should keep his or her medical records at home? It is vital for all families to keep a copy of their individual medical records, but remember they should be updated often. Your medical records can help or hinder you in many ways like getting health insurance or even a new job. In addition, you may need to provide your medical records in an emergency or at a new doctor's office. The different types of MedTrakkers are valuable to families, who may want to begin gathering their healthcare records. It is never too late to start being proactive about your family's health care and their medical records. This personal medical organizer can help a family during an emergency, which is when stress levels are high. Additionally, this medical records keeping system will help parents document vital or health related information about their child as well. After dealing with being the primary caregiver of my mother, I created the MedTrakker and believed that others could benefit from its creation. I know that families feel overwhelmed like I did, but I saw the benefits of having my mother's medical information at my fingertips when needed. I hope that every family can benefit from the MedTrakker and that it affords them the knowledge I gained throughout my own care-taking responsibilities. The Medtrakker website offers valuable information about the different types of MedTrakkers that are available to purchase. To date customer can purchase MedTrakkers for patients with Cancer, Cardiac Health, and Diabetes. Additionally, I offer a universal MedTrakker for those patients who just want to be proactive in collecting and storing their medical information. The latest MedTrakker release is the the 'Well Baby Trakker', An innovative keepsake journal to keep track of you and your baby’s health. Monitor prenatal and postnatal care, your child’s growth and development stages from Newborn up to 5 years of age.also offers different personalizing options, as well as offering the MedTrakker available in printed and e-book form. The medical organizers are available exclusively online at:
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