Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MedTrakker All Inclusive 'Well Baby' Keepsake Journal Monitors the Health of Both Mommy and Baby

As a new parent, it is a joyful and exciting time for the couple, as they welcome a new addition to their family. However, it can be an overwhelming time for new parents, since they must store medical records, birth records, and deal with frequent visits to the pediatrician appointments. The MedTrakker Medical Organizing System can help families alleviate the stress of keeping records, while they enjoy their new bundle of joy.

This unique 'Well Baby' Trakker will help families keep track of vital information, which the pediatrician will need during each of the baby's visits. In addition, parents can store the baby's vital information like allergies, medications, birth information, and information from well-baby follow up visits. The parents can keep track of the baby's growth and weight, as well as the vaccinations that they receive during the visit to the pediatrician.

The MedTrakker Medical Record Organizing System will allow parents to write down and store vital information within the individual sections. Additionally, this ultimate baby book will monitor the Mother's pregnancy and delivery information, and chronicle the child's growth until they turn 5 years-old. Proud parents will be able to place pictures in the book and store other mementos from the child, as well as take the medical organizing system with them when they travel.

I began creating MedTrakker products after I had to become a full-time caregiver to my mother and my husband. I knew other families could benefit from my creation, since it allows caregivers and patients to record their medical information. I know first hand that a medical condition or illness of any kind can take a toll on the patient and their family. Therefore, I began helping families focus on their loved one rather than stressing over vital details.

The MedTrakker Organizing System has several products for individuals to choose from, depending on their health needs. Additionally, the MedTrakker family of products is perfect for patients of all ages and medical backgrounds. The medical organizers are available in printed and e-book form at the website MedTrakker.com. Learn more about how these medical record-keeping systems can help families keep track of their loved ones medical history and vital information.

*Universal Trakker is for patients from 5 years-old and up, who need a secure place to store his or her medical history and vital information.

*Cardiac Trakker is for patients with heart conditions or cardiac disease, who want to store their medical history and vital health information.

*Diabetic Trakker is for patients with diabetes, whether he or she has Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational.

*Cancer Trakker is for patients who are fighting cancer and want to keep detailed records of their treatment and medical history.

*Well Baby Trakker is for expectant and new moms, who want to document their own health and that of their baby, from conception to five years-old.


The medical organizers are available exclusively online at: http://www.medtrakker.com/

For Media: Amber Bowden is available for speaking, events, book signings, and expert quotes. For more information, please contact her at info@medtrakker.com or Find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MedTrakker

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