Monday, January 2, 2012


One of the most interesting improvements in major medical care today is the development of Personal Medical Record management that puts patients back in control over their medical history data, resulting in better quality healthcare.

It is the creator of MedTrakker, Amber Bowden's goal to empower individuals to receive better quality healthcare. By offering a Personal Medical Record Organizer that enables better communication between the patient and their entire healthcare team.

Over the past several years, Ms. Bowden has learned through experience that being able to document and keep track of patient medical record data allows for a better health outcome.

Does it not get stressful having to ask for medical details, laboratory and radiology reports? And what happens if you go see other physicians and want them to have use of your details?

MedTrakker, a paper based Personal Medical Record system that individuals everywhere are using to take back control of their medical care.

MedTrakker Medical Organizers are very different from all other at-home personal medical record keeping systems. MedTrakker was created with the patient in mind, partnering the patient and physician in a team role. Using the MedTrakker System will allow the patient to communicate efficiently with their entire healthcare team of providers that will prevent medical care errors being made.

Patients sometimes can't recall all the medications they have or are currently taking. With the MedTrakker Personal Medical Record system it gives the patient easy access to have their entire medical history at their fingertips. No more drug interactions, costly duplicate tests being ordered, and so much more.

This personal medical record system will allow monitoring all of your healthcare details, accurate and complete at the same time. It is portable and private. You will never want to go to another Doctor Appointment or Hospital without a MedTrakker. Don't delay, visit MedTrakker online and take back control over your complete medical / health care.

MedTraker offers Five 'Health & Wellness' personal medical record organizers in the family of MedTrakker Medical Organizers.

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