Friday, January 27, 2012

Understanding Your Baby's Growth and Milestones

As a new parent or guardian, you're awaiting your child's first time their eyes follow you, a smile, lifting their head on their own and other milestones. Find out when to anticipate these developments of newborn progression, and understand what you can do to motivate them.

It's easy for a new mother and father to get fixated on their newborns progression and predict all those newborn “firsts.” After all, it’s only natural for parents to want their newborn to be happy and well-balanced — and even extraordinary. Mom and dad usually focus on newborn milestones because they help evaluate a child's growth and tell parents that their little one is growing as expected.

While your newborns first smile, laugh, and crawling is certainly exhilarating, it’s essential for parents to have fun and not let motivating these baby milestones overcome them. Parents don't have to constantly be doing something. Consistent talking can be tiring to an infant, who also needs quiet time.
Babies begin to be vocal around 1 month. At 3 months, they should push their head up when they're on their stomach. By 4 months, they chatter in response to you and squeal with laughter.
Parents should watch these beginning milestones, along with the more apparent "firsts" such as walking and talking. 
Here are some of the common newborn milestones you can anticipate, and some basic suggestions you can use to help your newborn attain them.
 Baby Milestones Timeline--
2 Months--     Smiles when they hear your voice

3 Months--      Lifts head when relaxing on stomach. Grasps things.
                        Smiles at other people.    
4 Months        Babbles, laughs, and tries to mimic sounds.

6 Months        Rolls over. Switches objects from hand to hand.

7 Months        Responds to their name.
                        Discovers partly hidden objects.

 9 Months      Sits without minimal support. Starts to crawl.

12 Months     Walks with or without support
                       Speaks at least one word
                       Enjoys mimicking people

18 Months     Walks by themselves
                       Drinks from a cup
                       Says at least 15 words

2 Years         Runs
                     Talks in two-word sentences
                      Follows easy instructions
                      Begins imaginary play

3 Years        Climbs  
                     Talks in multiword sentences
                     Sorts items by appearance, shape and color

4 Years        Interacts with people outside the family
                     Draws circles and squares
                     Rides a tricycle

5 Years       Says name and address
                    Jumps, hops, and skips
                    Can get dressed
                    Counts 10 or more items

Don’t Compare Your Child’s Milestones
Baby milestones vary by each child. While the timeline noted above is standard, don’t be concerned if your child does not follow it precisely. Babies develop at unique rates, so try not to compare your child with other children their age. 
Having said that, don’t be reluctant to contact your child's pediatrician or other health provider if you’re concerned about your child's development — trust your parental intuition.

My Baby Trakker, baby keepsake book will help guide parents with their child's growth and development stages. You can write down your questions or concerns so you can get answers while you’re at an appointment. Your baby’s doctor is your best resource for learning about how to care for your newborn.  

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