Monday, February 13, 2012

New Baby Book Provides A Fool Proof Way To Track Your High Risk Pregnancy

Introducing My Baby Trakker, a new Baby Book for the future. No more guessing about high- risk pregnancies. “Some mothers have complicated pregnancies and have genetically inherited difficulties during gestation and childbirth, I wanted to create an easy way for them to track exam results, questions and suggestions from their physicians” said Author Amber Bowden. If the mother of the mother-to-be had a high-risk pregnancy, the information obtained and recorded could be vital to the health and well being of the mother-to-be’s unborn child.
My Baby Trakker allows a mother to record all the information needed to completely track family medical histories, past pregnancy histories, and provides a pregnancy risk assessment. Many physicians have adopted a scoring system for the purpose of evaluating a mother’s pregnancy risk. This baby book has and assessment that can be taken to a physician to gather information in the first trimester (the most critical time) for determining if there’s a risk for developing complications during pregnancy.
Pre-natal records are a must. My Baby Trakker includes a pre-natal introduction; which defines all the tests that will be done during pregnancy followed up with a section to record test dates and results from the beginning of pregnancy all the way through delivery. In addition Post-natal visits can be tracked as well. Finally a baby keepsake book that has everything.
Get explanations about growth development, percentiles, information on SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and preventative tips, breastfeeding and the benefits. Record well baby visits and checkups all the way through 5 years old, record immunization records, injury and surgical records, medications, allergies … and so much more. Everything can be found in My Baby Trakker. In addition, there’s a daily management planner/calendar to put everything in one place, such as appointments, immunizations, medication refills, etc.
This baby book is amazing. There’s even a place to enter the child’s keepsake pictures, dates of baby’s milestones all the way through age five. My Baby Trakker has it all. Put this on the list of books to add to any personal library.
My Baby Trakker is available for purchase exclusively online at, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other popular online book retailers.
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