Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From A Distant Dream to Baby Bottles and Diapers

All those dreams of having a baby have finally come to life… there’s so much to do! Here’s a baby book that will allow a new mother and father to keep track of every single little thing from the onset of pregnancy right through age five of the child’s life. “I wanted to make sure new parents didn’t miss a thing, I know there were a lot of times I thought to myself, I wish I’d written that down when my son was a baby”.
Pre-natal records are a necessity. Baby Trakker has a pre-natal introduction; which maps out all the tests that must be done throughout pregnancy. The very next section is to record all the test dates and results right up until delivery. Baby Trakker is a wonderful baby book for any expectant parent. In addition there’s a place to record additional important information such as; family medical histories and past pregnancy histories. 

There’s also a pregnancy risk assessment. This will help a new mother use a scoring system to evaluate pregnancy risk. After the assessment is done, it can be taken to a physician in order to gather information in the first trimester (the most critical time). The Baby Trakker book will help give clear concise records so expectant mothers can receive the best possible pre-natal care possible. But that’s not it… information from post-natal visits can be recorded as well.
Baby Trakker is an extensive guide that is designed to walk any new parent through the whole process of pregnancy. Get explanations about growth development and percentiles. There’s information about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and preventative tips. There’s information about breastfeeding and the benefits. Record well baby visits and checkups all the way through 2 years old, record immunization records, injury and surgical records, medications and allergies. There’s a daily management planner/calendar to put everything in one place, such as appointments, immunizations and medication refills. The list goes on and on.
This baby book is a must have for any parent. There’s even a place to enter your keepsake pictures, dates of baby’s accomplishments all the way through age five. Get it all with this comprehensive Baby Trakker.
You can find My Baby Trakker online at MedTrakker, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other popular book retailers.  Connect with me at Linkedin and on Twitter to answer any questions regarding the whole family of MedTrakker Personal Medical Record Organizers. My main website is: http://www.MedTrakker.com

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