Thursday, March 3, 2011

Medical Organizer, Medtrakker Helps Families Travel Safe This Spring and Summer!

Innovative Medical Organizer helps patient with a chronic health condition travel safe this spring and summer. Considered as a leading expert in patient care I reveal my latest invention, the Medtrakker, a medical organizer designed to help a sick patient coordinate all their medical information.

I also want to reminds the public about the disadvantages of electronic medical records that are being sold online while traveling long distance. This unique medical organizerI designed after my own mother passed away with leukemia. It helps to manage personal health records and reduce stress.

"Keeping track of all the accounts and medical information was a nightmare when my mother was fighting cancer". The coordination of various medical instructions, surgeries, prescriptions, and physician’s visits became an overwhelming task, so I started compiling everything into one organizational unit which made caring for my mother much easier.

I advocate that a patient with a chronic health condition does not have to be confined to their home. “Just because a person has been diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as Cancer, Diabetes or a Cardiac related illness doesn’t mean they have to stay confined to their home. Patients need to see variation in their environment and be able to relax.” With a physical medical organizer, such as Medtrakker, a patient can safely travel almost anywhere.

This manual mecical organizer puts together the necessary health information in a systematic manner so that it can be accessed efficiently and quickly. I also recommends that along with the medical organizer, a patient carry their prescription bottle because name brands may differ in various areas. Also it is wise for a person to contact their insurance carrier before traveling abroad or other states as an extra premium may be required.

A patient can choose whether or not to carry with them an electronic or manual medical organizer. When traveling, you may be tempted to use a digital organizer to keep track of electronic medical records. However, carrying a physical organizer is the preferred method for most patients that travel during spring and summer. Disadvantages of electronic medical records are nothing compared to advantages:

  • It is more reliable than electronic apparatuses.
  • There may be times when it is not convenient to access an electronic device.

In summary, patients with a chronic medical condition no longer have to be confined to their homes. The Medtrakker gives a person the chance to travel safely and still enjoy family time and life to its fullest. It takes patient care and puts it into a class of its own by providing a cutting-edge solution to the family and person itself.

The medical organizers are available exclusively online at:

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