Sunday, April 24, 2011

Medical Record Keeping System: Managing a Child's Treatment Plan with the Cancer MedTrakker

The Cancer MedTrakker can help parents take the stress out of managing their child's treatment plan. Once a child is diagnosed with cancer, a parent will go through so many emotions while trying to help their child in the fight of their life. Remembering when a child needs to visit the oncologist, as well as what the test results show, is the last thing that a parent needs to worry about in the situation.

The parent should get involved in their child's treatment plan, while also playing a supportive role for his or her child. I created the personal medical record keeping system, while taking care of my beloved mother when she was battling Leukemia. I felt over-whelmed and frustrated by all the paper work and having to remember every vital detail. Especially having to remember the patient's medical history, which each new specialist wanted to know about my mother's condition.

The Cancer MedTrakker is full of useful tips and information that parents can use like nutritional support, appointment / treatment calendar, medication list, and other helpful forms. Parents can store their child's medical information in one spot and carry it with them to each appointment. The child can have their Cancer MedTrakker personalized and choose the picture that they want to use like an angel, an animal, or their favorite cartoon character.

Come by the website and learn more about the Cancer MedTrakker as well as how it can help you take the stress out of keeping your child's medical records organized. You can place an order or send me a question or a comment. My mission is to help empower parents of children who are touched by cancer and help them by offering a unique medical record organizing system. In addition, I want to help parents keep his or her child's medical records safe during travel and accessible as needed throughout their treatment.

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