Monday, October 17, 2011


It is our responsibility to keep our physician(s) informed. To continue receiving excellent care from your health care provider(s), it is essential for you to keep good medical records. Keeping your medical record current requires a discussion on specific topics during every visit, and provides your physician(s) with an easy reference tool. The MedTrakker Personal Medical Organizer(s) will easily and effectively do this for you, combined with several added benefits.

As we can all become forgetful at times, we never want to miss an opportunity to speak with our physician(s) about new or recurring issues. A current personal health care record is a wonderful resource and highly effective communication tool as it informs, updates, and communicates with everyone involved with your health care, especially during an emergency if you cannot effectively communicate.

Specific Discussion Topics...

Never assume your physician "knows you." Your physician is very busy, as they must keep track of medical histories for all of their many patients. A benefit of a MedTrakker Organizer is its easy & simple solution of providing you with an ongoing detailed snapshot of your health care, in a top notch organized manner, helping to reduce duplicative paperwork, reducing medical errors, and increasing your safety as a patient.

- Keep a list and discuss any pressing issue or symptoms with your physician that you may be experiencing. Explain when you first noticed it, and what may have caused it. Address your concerns over any recurring problems to alert your physician that no solution has yet been reached. This step may lead to past solutions of other issues that could work for a current problem. Always review your entire treatment plan with your doctor(s) to ascertain whether it needs changing, or should remain the same, by relaying to your health care provider(s) what is or is not working.

- Be sure to cover all of your medications, (including herbs, supplements, and OTC's), to prevent duplication, adverse drug reactions, or treatments no longer necessary.

- Always review test results with your physician, allowing them to explain the results in terms you can better understand, and the importance of following your treatment plan.

- Always keep an open mind to new ideas from your physician, even if you feel that now is not the right time, allowing you to evaluate and weigh all of your options.

- Another benefit of a MedTrakker Medical Record Keeping System is reducing your recall error by keeping track of all your current and past medications, allergies, conditions, treatments, surgeries, procedures, appointments, test results, insurance, emergency contact information, and more. With a MedTrakker Organizer you can finally take an active role in keeping your health record current by creating a true partnership with your health care provider(s), allowing you to manage detailed information about your health care. Reduce costly duplicate paperwork and tests. Reduce or eliminate medical errors due to missing or lost information or paperwork, thereby reducing issues concerning quality.

MedTrakker medical organizers are an excellent instrument to encourage powerful communication with your entire healthcare team. The medical organizers are available exclusively online at: Find us on Facebook

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