Friday, December 16, 2011

Personal Medical Record Empowers Individuals To Monitor Their Healthcare

These days' people must be dependable and interested in their personal medical record. Individuals are motivated to carry medication details, and fundamental medical insurance information. Even The legislature recognizes the importance of having individual information readily available. On September 27, the U.S. House approved the Health Information Engineering Promotion Act of 2005 (HIT). Don't wait until 2014 when your medical history is finally in specialist centers and health professional's offices to start gathering your medical information! Start today documenting your individual medical/health information.

How does one keep information and facts straight? Products evaluators for Energy Times Health and Overall health Publication have discovered the reply. Publisher Amber Bowden, of Winchester, VA, has received word that MedTrakker© has been granted the magazine's press recognition. The journal states in its community/member tested areas, "MedTrakker" ©, an individual medical record keeping manager, is designed to allow you to maintain your individual medical history. It offers adequate space for documenting information about medications, care levels, hospital stay, treatments, family history, hospitalization, surgeries, injuries, ailments, and other vital information required by healthcare providers."

 When I realized I was incapable to locate an item to use to manage my mothers specialist facts while being her care-giver due to cancer malignancy, I developed MedTrakker©. I realized from knowledge and experience I could not depend on someone else to keep her specialist information accurate.  I also had the experience of my mother being taken to the hospital and was incapable to speak. The health professionals discovered the answers to every question in my mother's MedTrakker© and were given satisfaction acknowledging information was current and accurate.

MedTrakker© is a patient-managed documentation system. Five variations are available. All MedTrakker Editions come with navigation tabs and is enclosed in an 8 1/2 x 11", 3-ring loose-leaf notebook binder. The first edition is a "Caner Trakker" for all cancer benign/malignancy analysis.  The second edition is a "Diabetes Trakker" for Type 1 & II and Gestational. The third edition is a "Cardiovascular Trakker" for all heart related ailments.  The fourth edition is a "Universal Trakker" that can be used by people of all ages to manage his/her or their child's medical information. The fifth edition is the "My Baby Trakker" which monitors the health of both Mother and Infant. Visit the web site: for additional information. 

The styles of the medical organizers do not require power or computer reading and writing. Begin documenting your specialist information and take an active role in your medical care today! "MedTrakker"© will help collect the specialist information required so you will be better prepared to deal with a specialist situation. It will give you satisfaction knowing information provided to your medical team is correct and immediately available for better quality of care.  

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