Monday, January 2, 2012

MedTrakker Personal Medical Record Organizer: An Essential Tool For Patients Diagnosed With Cancer

The Personal Medical Record Organizer, known as Cancer Trakker beats all other medical organizers hands down. The creator of MedTrakker, Amber Bowden, has officially put the Health industry on notice: efficient and quality care for medical patients will soon be mandated by consumers with the introduction of her personal medical record organizer.
Cancer Trakker is a vital tool designed to help people today verify the information in their permanent medical record and monitor complete medical hisory data about themselves.

It is a system that allows for constant, complete care with better synchronization between patients, doctors, and entire healthcare team. It eliminates the uncertainty out of the all the distressing and sometimes frustrating problems that come with an individual diagnosed with cancer.

As Ms. Bowden states, "when a person learns the news that they have a terminal illness, their life is turned into a flutter of lab assessments, procedures, possible treatments, doctor sessions, surgeries, and drugstore runs".  This is how the first MedTrakker, Personal Medical Record Organizer came into existence.

This medical organizer is a three ring 1 inch binder filled with a place to record pertinent information including:
- Doctor's visits and Doctors Instructions
- Prescription and Non Prescription Medication
- Lab Results
- Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments
- Surgery schedule and After Care Instructions
- And so much more

Each area inside of the Cancer Trakker was developed to fit the needs of every type of cancer individual.  It is made particularly with the understanding and care that each patient needs.  This Cancer Medical Organizer is an essential element of the person's objective to having overall complete quality healthcare.   Without the MedTrakker it is basically unattainable to keep on top of all the flutter of information and treatment plans that cancer patient must endure.

As Author Bowden points out, "This personal medical record organizer was created to save people the anxiety of starting from scratch".  It is an essential tool for handling any type of cancer malignancy and treatment periods that go well beyond primary crisis care details.  Where most companies in the wellness manager market space provide primary wellness details our Cancer medical organizer gives the individual a complete plan to self handle their cancer diagnosis journey.

The Cancer Trakker is the first published book in the family of MedTrakker Personal Medical Record Organizers.

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