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‘My Baby Trakker’ Helps New Parents Track The Health and Development of Their Baby

Well-baby checks-ups are your physician's greatest device for monitoring your child's wellness and development.  
As a new parent or guardian, you are going to certainly have many concerns for your child's physician about your child's health and progression. One of the best ways to get those concerns responded to — as well as to track your child's progression — is with well-baby checks-ups.

Although it may feel like a particular test, a well-baby check-up is just the name given to your child's physician's regular evaluation of your newborn. Well-baby checks-ups usually happen within 24 hours of birth, and again at age 2 weeks.
The routine well-baby check-up at 2 weeks of age is to ensure that a baby is eating well and gaining weight, and to recommend professional advice to parents for their newborn's proper care. If the Mother is breastfeeding, this is a great chance to get assistance on effective nursing tips and ask about options for outside help, if needed. 
Well-baby check-ups will be planned at regular periods, generally at age 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 months. After that, the child will proceed with annual examinations.
If your child's physician has any preliminary concerns about your baby, more consistent examinations may be required, at least in early development. Some babies may need to come back more often to monitor their feeding habits or lack of weight gain.
Well Baby Check-up, What To Expect
Once you get through these initial check-ups, the well-baby visits mainly becomes a chance for your child's physician to check the health and progression of your child. It’s also a great chance for the physician to deal with any of your nurturing questions.
Parents can anticipate a complete evaluation with eating, sleeping, and bowel habits. The physician will also ask how mom is dealing with care of the baby and evaluate for postpartum depressive disorders, and recommend professional assistance if needed.
During the check-up, a parent can ask for advice on the proper care for a new baby, such as tips on eating, belching, correct sleep positions, skincare, baby diaper care, and car safety.
As your child grows, the physician will always monitor your child's growth and development and evaluate it to other children of the same age. He or she will show you growth progression chart that evaluates your child's progression to nationwide index charts, go over an immunization program, and ask about any concerns you might have. You are going to also discuss eating changes — what an infant will eat and when to start presenting certain foods.
Getting The Most Out Of A Well Baby Visit
There are a few things you can do to prepare to help the physician give your infant the best care possible.
The best planning before a well-baby check-up is to be aware of your child's developing goals and jot down any concerns you might have for the physician. Try to control your collection of concerns to the top five or six that are most important to you, so the physician can address each of them well. 
New parents often have a lot of pressures and problems, but it’s essential to relax during the well-baby check-up and concentrate on your most essential problems. Most of the time, your general concerns are responded to during the course of the check-up.

‘My Baby Trakker’ offers multiple uses and benefits for both the mother-to-be and her baby. There are pages provided for recording medical information, focusing on health history, nutrition, pregnancy weight gain, prenatal healthcare check-ups, past labor and delivery. Also included are pages to write down questions to ask on doctor visits, as well other vital medical information.

Once your baby is born, ‘My Baby Trakker’ provides a template for keeping track of his or her total health, growth, and development from birth to age five. You’ll always have your child’s up-to-date medical history at your fingertips. Some of the other helpful items included are baby milestones, pages to insert photo keepsakes, breastfeeding and formula nutrition information, and height and weight charts—as well as a place to record immunizations, tests, procedures, and allergies. My Baby Trakker offers a complete and essential record of the critical first five years of a child’s life.

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