Monday, January 9, 2012

Personal Medical Record Keeping Can Save Your Life

We keep financial, care and pet details, but how many of us keep our personal medical records? Most of s depend on our Doctors to keep our health history details current and available - when the only individual you can depend on for these details is you.

A few years ago, my mother of 78 was rushed to the hospital while on vacation in another state with heavy fatigue and extreme bruising over her torso. She had been feeling a bit under the weather for a few weeks, but we thought she just couldn't shake the cold she had.

Of course she had none of her medical records with her, and being it was the weekend all of her Physicians offices were closed. I had to travel by plane to reach her, and by the time I got to the hospital 24 hours later. Many of the Doctor's questions were still unanswered. I learned a valuable lesson that day. How keeping an up to date personal medical record could not only save your life, but also help your doctor to diagnose and treat you more accurately.

My mother was diagnosed with Leukemia and along with that ill fated news, came a whirlwind of Physician appointments, Laboratory Tests, Drug Store runs, Insurance Claims and Medication changes.

Medical care is continuing to grow progressively more complicated and specialized; no more can one physician do it all. My own practical knowledge as well as studies have proven that the more you get engaged in all factors of your medical care -- such as gathering and understanding your medical information -- the better off you will be for it.

 Many individuals see more than one health provider, especially if they have a chronic or terminal illness. Every time a patient sees a new doctor, they are required to fill out the same forms over and over. Past medical history, surgeries and medications they are currently taking. Memory recall may not be thorough when a patient is under stress.

Yet if you're like most individuals, you expect that your main physician knows everything about you and will bring up to date the new medical physician on your complete historical past. even though you probably don't know your own historical past or information of your problems on command. When was your last tetanus shot? What anti-biotic efficiently took care of your last bacterial infection? What is your glucose level?

 The fact that physicians are interacting with mass confusion is only part of the reason you need to take charge of your health details. Physicians are further tied because they don't even have a workplace compartment or data file cupboard full of complete medical history details to select from nowadays. When people move or change work and therefore have new insurance plans and physicians, index charts are not consistently moved. Even if you approved to have your medical records forwarded, complete details are seldom sent to your new physician, and too often details are missing or not sent at all. Women often have their details separated between a doctor and physician. Who has your last Pap Smear result? Mammogram report? Latest blood test results?

 Did you know that 80 % of what a physician will depend on to make a precise analysis and suggest the right treatment comes from the details in your medical records? These details is perhaps more essential than any other. Think about the problems of making a diagnosis -- let alone advising the right therapy -- if details are missing, wrong or imperfect.

I feel the option to this catastrophe is a grass-roots effort, with each of us getting our medical information into our hands by collecting our own medical information. I designed a simple easy to use method that will map it out for you. This method was designed from my 20 years of practical knowledge first as functioning in the healthcare industry, then as a mom, daughter, wife and care provider. It is in reaction to these serious changes in the exercise of medicine, changes that make it more important than ever that we, as people, take control over our own medical history.

Women make most of the health-care judgments (and provide most of the care) for themselves, their kids, their mother and father and their spouses. So let's deal with it, we are in the best position to ask for and begin maintaining information for everyone in our care. What better present to give a child going off to higher education or beginning out on their own than a comprehensive permanent medical history. Think about the relaxation an older people parent or guardian will experience understanding that you are assisting them keep a record of their medical details and results. I know that my mother who trusted her doctors, experienced an incredible peace of mind having their vital health details at their finger tips to share with the many physicians and specialists they see.

My wish is that at some point soon, with this knowledge you now possess, patient-held medical records will be the concept instead of the exclusion. Best wishes on taking control over your medical record management.

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