Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Vital Easy-To-Use Personal Medical Record Keeper For Diabetes Patients

Patients with Diabetes can now take control over their medical care and treatment using the Diabetes Trakker. The Diabetes Medical Organizer was created to improve patient knowledge, engagement and accountability, as well as patient’s communication between patient and doctor.

Managing Diabetes is extremely important to avoid complications that can develop. If not properly monitored and regulated, Diabetes can cause blindness and glaucoma, severe nerve damage (neuropathy), kidney failure and in some cases, amputations of the toe, foot and leg. With MedTrakkers personal medical record keeper for Diabetes, a patient can have their complete medical history at their fingertips to help try and avoid complications.
With the Diabetes Medical Organizer there are sections for recording medical history, personal contacts, surgical histories, health and nutrition, medications, immunization dates, medical devices, blood pressure levels, appointments and so much more.
This personal medical record keeping system has a place for everything. Record life matters such as the locations of safe deposit boxes, bank accounts, insurance policies, automobile titles, birth and death certificates, power of attorney, divorce papers, last will and testament, and important contacts, such as lawyers, family physician, funeral home, cemetery plot information, executor, stock brokers, etc. Important items that are a necessity can be missed or hard to obtain when a loved one’s medical care is the main focus.
Learn about the risks of diabetes, when to start screening for diabetes, how to prevent complications, how important eye care and foot care are and the different conditions that can develop when managing your diabetes. There’s an appointment checklist, a place for health provider instructions, pages to record every bit of information about medications such as, the benefits and the side-effects, a section to record information about diabetes type and to log tests and procedures, blood glucose testing records, insulin management records, and dialysis regimen.
Insurance can be one of the most frustrating obstacles when managing a chronic health condition. Included in Diabetes personal medical record keeper there’s a section that provides insurance tips and pages to record discussions with insurance agents and take notes for future reference. There’s also a daily food diary, a weight record and a daily exercise log to help monitor physical condition to ensure the best possible health while managing your diabetes.
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